HTML5 is the latest in a long line of web development languages. HTML5 can do a lot of things older languages can’t and has opened up a huge amount of possibilities for new functionality on websites and Apps. With the imminent demise of Flash and other plugins due to no support by Windows 8 and IE10 plus no support from Apple devices, HTML5 should be your language of choice for all web and App development.

Whether you want a new website or App, or an upgrade to your existing site, we can make HTML5 work for you.

HTML languages have historically been quite simple, focussing mostly on displaying text and organising web content. Websites are now far more sophisticated. HTML’s limitations have previously been overcome by plugins like Flash to display web content such as animations. HTML5’s selling point is that is does not need any plugins and as a result, your site is optimised for all browsers and devices.

How will HTML5 make your site better?


HTML5 permits the embedding of audio and video directly into the browser, without need for plugins like Flash.


HTML5 allows for custom fonts to be displayed on webpages. Previously, if you wanted a website to use a certain font, you had to be sure that the font was also installed on the user's computer. To manage this risk, web designers would constrain themselves to only using fonts they knew would be widely available. Now, though HTML5 web designers have full flexibility, contributing to the new levels of creativity that HTML5 will bring.


HTML5 is accompanied by improvements in the JavaScript programming language which now allows web content to be stored locally and accessed offline. This is useful because it allows online applications to continue functioning even when your internet connection is down. This development is particularly useful with smartphones, tablets and other technology that use online content and will improve the compatibility of all these devices.

Client Example:  A recent HTML5 project of ours is the Orange RockCorps website. 

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