Apps & Mobile Development

As a long-standing Microsoft partner and developers of multiple Apps and software applications in conjunction with Microsoft, we are at the forefront of Windows 8 development for mobile, tablet and desktop.

We are here to put you and your organisation in the know with Windows 8 technology across all devices.

Apps & Mobile Dev

Whether you need a phone and tablet App, a desktop App or need to update an existing software solution to integrate with Windows 8, we have the right team for the job.

Our relationship with Microsoft as a development partner means we build and develop Apps for Microsoft. You will reap the benefits of this relationship in our approach to your project from conception to completion.

Windows software and App development have gone through many phases over the years. Windows 8 and IE10 have dropped plugin compatibilities meaning many developers (with the exception of ourselves) had to go back to the drawing board and are now playing catch-up.

Our early adoption of HTML5 meant we dodged a large Microsoft shaped bullet. Our adoption of HTML5 as our preferred coding method gives us (and you) extensive freedom that other developers can only dream of. HTML5 offers greater freedom in its uses and applications of audio and video, fonts and offline content to name but a few. The most important difference however, is that HTML5 is plug-in free, making HTML5 content display properly on all devices.

Find out more about HTML5.

Don’t need an App but are looking into responsive web design? Look no further.

If you want to discuss how we can help you with your App project get in touch via or call 0800 690 6012.

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