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London Development Agency



The London Development Agency (LDA) is the government body charged with delivering the London Mayor's vision for London as a city with strong economic growth, social inclusion and active environmental improvement.

As part of its activities, the LDA manages the European Social Fund (ESF) in London. This fund distributes some £300m per annum to support projects targeted to create training & employment opportunities. These projects are implemented by external delivery partners.

The LDA asked us to build them a system that would enable them to monitor and audit the activities of several hundred such delivery partners.

The database and interface we designed allows them to collect accurate data from delivery partners on a monthly basis using a highly robust, data validated spreadsheet. This information is fed into a central database via an easy to use web interface that also carries out additional data validation and processing. As well as handling data collection, the system produces for the LDA a transparent month-on-month audit trail with additional reporting on expenditure outcomes.

The project was delivered on time and within budget, despite some very tight deadlines and strict requirements for data and accessibility standards. The LDA now save time and money time in their auditing activities whilst also benefitting from the use of a more accurate and comprehensive data set.

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