Governor Technology Acquired by OneTrust

Governor Technology was founded in 2001 as a bespoke software consultancy, focused on internet technologies.

For over a decade, we helped organisations including Microsoft, Citigroup, Volkswagen and the Commonwealth Office harness the power of the web, and embrace new technologies and platforms such as mobile and social media.

During this agency phase, we stayed close to our core ‘nerdie’ interests of research, data and the creation of new IP, and to this end pivoted into the privacy world in 2012.

The catalyst for this were the EU cookie laws, which required web owners to think responsibly about their capture, use and disclosure of personal data via the web. Governor quickly became recognised as pioneers in this space.

Since then, Data Privacy has become front page news and our Cookie interests developed into Optanon, a leading web audit and privacy compliance product, and, the world’s largest resource on web tracking.

This culminated in 2016 with the acquisition of Optanon, and Governor, by OneTrust, the leading Global Privacy Management Platform based in the US.

Our software, team and UK location help Onetrust offer the most flexible and innovative automated privacy solutions on the market, across the world.

You can learn more about best practice in privacy through the International Association of Privacy Professionals here, and on GDPR in particular via our own dedicated forum: