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Master Hadoop & Big Data in Cookiepedia

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Background – What Is Hadoop? Like Big Data itself, there has been an awful lot of hype around Hadoop, and acres of not particularly accessible content. One Fun Fact is that the Hadoop handle itself came from the name of a yellow toy elephant owned by the son of one of its inventors.

The Web @ 25

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This month's trawl of Slidesshare presentations focuses on The Web at 25, and the three main stages (crashes aside) that have shaped the modern Internet.

The Falacy Of Net-Neutrality

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With the year into the final third quarter tech journalists will be looking back and beginning the perennial “best of” lists of trend from 2014. For us at Governor Technology regulation of the web and transparency around your data and privacy are rarely far from our minds.

Data Never Sleeps - 2012 v 2014

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A couple of years ago the Domo agency rustled up an Infographic of headline numbers for the biggest players on the web. While there is nothing revolutionary about Facebook being a Yeti in data terms, there are some surprises in the mix.

EU Exit & the Impact on Data Protection

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The UK is currently scheduled to hold a referendum on continuing EU membership in 2017 and the continuing rise of Euro-scepticism in the UK political landscape suggests that the outcome of such a vote is far from certain.

Your financial data is out there. Here's what it's doing.

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Your Financial Status is not secret, it’s freely available and this is what it is doing.

Must View Privacy Presentations on Slideshare

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Each month we select a topic then trawl the trove of Slideshare to find the best presentations and explanation of the topics we advocate for. Sometimes the material will be dry, heavy and other times the presentation might be a pretty dam fine bit of art. This month we have concentrated on Privacy. is data leaky. The NYT & FT are not so smart either….

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LinkedIn is data leaky and the freemium model is to blame, NYT & FT use a metered paywall yet neither of them is effective against a very basic browser trick.

Google is Finally Forced To Forget.

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Google Forgets and Search Protection Optimisation, as Individuals getthe right to control their data and may ask search engines to remove results, says European court of Justice

You've Got 12 deal with GOZeuS and Cryptolocker.

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The National Crime Agency (NCA) has issued a warning regarding two pieces of malware software known as GOZeuS and Cryptolocker.