News + Views is data leaky. The NYT & FT are not so smart either….

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LinkedIn is data leaky and the freemium model is to blame, NYT & FT use a metered paywall yet neither of them is effective against a very basic browser trick.

Google is Finally Forced To Forget.

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Google Forgets and Search Protection Optimisation, as Individuals getthe right to control their data and may ask search engines to remove results, says European court of Justice

You've Got 12 deal with GOZeuS and Cryptolocker.

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The National Crime Agency (NCA) has issued a warning regarding two pieces of malware software known as GOZeuS and Cryptolocker.

How Dining At Nandos Could Cost You Your Mortgage

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Weblining sometimes called Redlining is a potentially discriminatory practice of offering preferential products and services on account of a person's standing, or behaviour on the internet. This may result in ratings for an individual based.

Catch Optanon Featuring on BBC1

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Richard is appearing on the Nicky Campbell show this Sunday!

The Web We Want

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I cover the launch event and 'think-in' for the Web We Want festival, where Tim Berners Lee put forward his challenge for between now and the next general election; draft a new Magna Carta for the Web, based on privacy, freedom of expression and 'Net Neutrality'.

Have You Considered The Following...

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If last year was about NSA and Snowdon, this year is about the fall out and enlightened awareness of privacy, rights and how to protect people in a fully digital world. Here are three things worth considering....and five Twitter handles of note.

Where Is The Line Drawn For Kids with Privacy?

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How much do under-25′s really care about their privacy?

Heartbleed bug is after your password & It's a serious threat.

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Researchers have found a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL - the most widely used open source cryptographic software library on the internet.

Facebook's Darkside is Duping You.

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Facebook Spammers Get 37k Fans in Six Hours Using These Tricks. On one side are spammers trying to drive traffic to websites in order to capitalise on ad revenue, on the other side are Ad Networks trying to get their traffic up, in order to keep those CPMs high.